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Payroll Checks Running and Design [5150]


You will need 2 printers, 1 inkjet, 1 laser printer with magnetic ink. 1 scanner. Check stock!

For the inkjet printer and scanner, they will need to both scan and print at 2400dpi.

Scan at 2400dpi to ensure ALL IMAGES in the check are picked up by the scanner.. When you open it up in photoshop and zoom in you'll know why.

Inkjet printers are great for printing colors, not so much for magnetic ink, as the printhead tend to get clogged fast and sometimes the magnetic ink for the inkjets don't work well with bank regulations even if they claim to.

Laser printers are good for black and white. You will need MICR Toner cartridges for the MICR line at the bottom that contains Routing/ # and Account # at the bottom. Do your own research on that. A simple google search will tell you what you need to know about the MICR line.

First, you scan in the payroll check at 2400dpi. Some checks will have heat security features, sensitive to touch. Photoshop those out!
Use photoshop to clean the check up/erase payee info, date, check number, and amount paid. Take your time and zoom in and make sure everything looks clean and there aren't any errors.

Pull up your check designing software, there are plenty out there. Fill out the correct info, and pull in the picture file and make sure you place it right where it needs to be. Check this by print preview. If it looks good there, print it and see how that compares to original check. it it checks out good! If it doesn't, then either your printer alignment is off, or you need to readjust the image till you get it right.

Now you can put the payee info and check number and amount. (I would recommend fast food places and jobs that pay minimum wage, that are larger corporations.) That way the amount isn't high and raises suspicions. 400 to 800 is good. MAKE SURE you bump the check number up by at least 500 to 1000. (I'm getting tired of writing this already so I'm not going into too much detail, use your fucking brain!)
Print all that with the inkject printer.

MICR LINE. tips....
*make sure you count proper spacing. Where there is nothing, count that as a character, and make sure you keep the same spacing
*make sure the check number in the MICR line doesn't contradict with the check number in the top right corner or wherever it is on your check.

Running the checks!
*walmart or mom n pop stores that cash checks
*looks better if you cash it and the info on the id and check are from that same place
*SUPERGLUE or something on your fingertips because they will print you
*MAKE SURE THE ID/SSN you are running HAS NOT BEEN USED TO CASH BAD CHECKS BEFORE. That's what the system checks for.
*MAKE sure none of the amounts are the same
*Only run that identity for 2 days, the banks catch on faster than they used to. But should be good for at least 2 days.. That's a SAFE time.
*PRINT like 80 of them and go hard!

ALWAYS REMEMBER to a run background check on the id and social you're using. Make sure they haven't been caught for fraud.

If you guys need better explanation I will do so another day. Have to get started on some other work right now.
This can earn UNTOLD amount of cash a day. I'm talking 60 to 100k within 2 days at least.



More things to keep in mind.
*avoid banks, they will match the signature on check with the signature on file, and if it doesn't look really similar, you're going to be in a funny situation.
*YES!!! FAKE ID AND SSN ARE NECESSARY. If you go in there without it, it just screams fraud!
*Stay away from check cashing companies, they'll know.
*Don't take your personal cell phone to the ciry you're doing the dirt in.

I won't tell you how to get the checks, but I will say this... DON"T use checks from your workplace.
Remember, your mask is the ID you're using. They cannot find someone from their picture with stolen identity. But there is video footage, and they will review it at your workplace and if it looks like you, you will be a person of interest.

AVOID checking places. They specialize in that. They will know. They match signature just like the banks do.
And yes, they WILL fingerprint you MOST of the time if not always. Don't take any chances.

Somebody told me scanning checks was dangerous because of the "artifacts" and they will screw with the MICR line.
A high resolution scan probably isn't your problem. I know scanning does induce artifacts/micro dots to track printer, but I'm not convinced this will have anything to do with a check not running, I think it's probably the fact that the system
will run it and check if it's a duplicate. It's best to just crop the check above the MICR line and then when you open the check software you can redo the MICR line just to be safe. However, logically, the machines should have no trouble reading
the MICR line even if it did have artifacts from the scan because the magnetic ink is what is picked up by the machine.

AND VERSAINK DOES WORK 90% of the time if you're using an inkjet printer. You are just better off buying a bottle and refilling your empty genuine cartridge for your printer instead of buying the prefilled cartridges, they sometimes print with
lines in them because it's not a genuine cartridge.

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