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CC to Paypal


Good, I'll explain a functional method for paypal cc

You will need:
2 paypal accounts (1 business account and other personal)
1 fresh fullz cc's (Don't need to be a fullz , but its better )
Proxy of the state / country CC's holder.
Use Kali Linux to create and use the cc on paypal.
First you will need to create the business account on paypal; blogspot account; make a page on blogspot, create a donation button and put it on your blogspot page.
Enters the Kali Linux, change your mac address ( very so easy to change; demand or purchase fresh socks5 a proxy of the city and the country of CC's holder.
Create a freee email with all information of CC's holder and create a personal paypal account with the same. Once you done this attach / link the cc's on the personal account, you don't need to search the 4 digits pin, if you change the mac adress you will not need that. Like i said,link cc on account, go to your blogspot page and make the donation, i recommend $ 300 $ -400, the account limit when the credit card is not confirmed is $ 500, but if you confirm you can like transfer $ 2.500 at once.
When you stop doing that, I advise you to delete paypal account and email CC's Holder.
When you are doing this method several times not forget to change your mac address, or paypal will limit all accounts that create.

Happy Carding

PS : Sorry for the wrong words , i'am not a good english xD .
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