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    Tutorial Oracle SQL Injection - Complete

    0x00 Introduction The article deals with the peculiarities of SQL-injection vulnerability in the code DBMS Oracle. Although now rarely seen in the DBMSs using this web programming, but still it happens. Article amended since the last publication. 0x01 Features First, give some properties that...
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    How to Get Express VPN

    How to Get Express VPN Keys 1. Use Any USA IP address with free VPN services like Hotbot or Tor Browser 2. Go to 3. Select One Month Plan 4. Select Pay with Credit Card 5. Use Any Fake USA Address + email ID (If you have nothing then use 6. Use Card...
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    Create VPN of webshell

    OpenSSH is able to arrange this through the tun vpn interface. (ssh -w) On this topic can be found in Google. To solve practical problems, we are not interested, as 1) requires a minimum of ruta to configure the device tun 2) is disabled by default 3) significantly 4) is unnecessary, except for...
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    Keeping safe

    This is a guide with which even a total noob can get high class security for his system and complete anonymity online. But its not only for noobs, it contains a lot of tips most people will find pretty helpfull. It is explained so detailed even the biggest noobs can do it^^ : === The Ultimate...
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    Multi-factor authentication

    How many factors do we need? During the last few months, we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion about the topic of two- and multi-factor authentication. Often when online banking apps or extra security layers are added to online accounts, there is a false claim of multi-factor...
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    List of domains.

    .ac - Ascension Island .ad - Andorra .ae - United Arab Emirates .af - Afghanistan .ag - Antigua and Barbuda .ai - Anguilla .al - Albania .am - Armenia .an - Netherlands Antilles .ao - Angola .aq - Antarctica .ar - Argentina .as - American Samoa .at - Austria .au - Australia .aw - Aruba .az -...
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    Bandwidth Explained!

    This is well written explanation about bandwidth, very useful info. BandWidth Explained Most hosting companies offer a variety of bandwidth options in their plans. So exactly what is bandwidth as it relates to web hosting? Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to...
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    Traffic carding.

    So, you need traffic and you don’ know how to card it. First of all you need to know that the majority of services don’t let adult content, viruses, trojans, music on a site and the pop-up windows (there are exceptions).So if the traffic with virus you should cheat a little. Payment for the...
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    Loads (Installs).

    Today we’ll speak about such thing like loads as there are a lot of topics where people post “Have trojan, host, partner with loads needed”. If you really decided to work with it this article I think will bring some information. So what we need: 1. Good abuse hosting on linux\unix...
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    Bad ip for proxy, No scan this ip

    RANGE 6 6.* - Army Information Systems Center RANGE 7 7.*.*.* Defense Information Systems Agency, VA RANGE 11 11.*.*.* DoD Intel Information Systems, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington DC RANGE 21 21. - US Defense Information Systems Agency RANGE 22 22.* - Defense Information Systems...
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    Apple Carding Method and Apple Pay Carding Method

    Apple Carding Method 2019 and Apple Pay Carding Method 2019. You are going to follow instructions properly if you want to be successful using this method. If you are working with a solid Paypal, then I will guarantee you 100% success using this method. Let me give you a drop-down of things...
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    Merchant types

    NO VBV
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    How to prevent computer from accessing internet if your VPN crash.

    Ok,this is really small thing,but this thing can save you ass BIGTIME,there were few times when my VPN crashed and my real net was pinging all websites while it was reconnecting,and this is VERY VERY BAD thing,or some other softwares leaks or whatever,its big mess.I didnt wrote it myself,it will...
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